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Karolina KoolBlu Koolies   1st US Breeder of KCA Registered Australian Koolies. 
                                                                                                                                                                              Working and Herding Dogs At Their Best.

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Karolina KoolBlu Koolies

Members of the KCA (Koolie Club of Australia)
Members of the AHBA (American Herding Breed Assoication) April 2005
Members of the ASCA (Asutralian Shepherd Club of America) May 2005
Jack and Jill Sucessfully Received the 1st and 2nd legs of the HCT Certification
June of 2005 Jack and Jill had multiple sight tests done and are now listed with 
Canine Eye Registration Foundation with a CERF Certification
August of 2005 HD X-rays submited to OFA on
Karolina KoolBlu Jack
November 16, 2006 -
Karolina KoolBlu Trooper was born of
Karolina KoolBlu Jack and Tjukurpa Kool Jil

Our Small Dog Family
Forground: Jack & Jill (Astralian Koolie)
Background : Chelsea (Shetland Sheepdog)
We lost Chelsea to a heart attack May 17, 2005
15 years was just not enough time, Chelsea will be missed.

Tjurkurpa Kool Jill at 12 weeks old.
We are so darn cute.

Our Horses    
Belgian Draft Horse         Clydesdale Draft Horse
  Zeus                                              Nero

     Quarter Horse                 Paint Quarter Horse    
Chase                                    Steele

Tjukurpa Sam from Tjukurpa Kennels

Tjukurpa Kool Charm from Tjukurpa Kennels

Tjukurpa Koolie Pepper & Toshi

Tjukurpa Kool Breeze & Tjukurpa Kool Running
Tjukurpa Kennels - Showing how it is done.

The Smithfield was another Herding breed that can be found in Australia. This photo of Smithfield’s backing sheep, demonstrates the their ability to work Stock in close quarters.

Cory Leed and Ann Worboys provided the above breed information to Dog Breed Information website. http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/koolie.htm


 About Us

Welcome to our website. We would like to take a few moments to introduce ourselves and the animals we love. My husband and I purchased our farm in Albemarle, North Carolina in 2002. We searched long and hard for a place for our animals to thrive. With our animal family consisting of 2 - Australian Koolies, a domestic barn cat, a Belgian Draft horse, a Clydesdale Draft horse, a Quarter horse, a Paint Quarter horse and a coupe full of white racing Homer pigeons. We felt that we needed a good bit of space for all of these animals. We finally found a beautiful pastoral 12-acre farm that is surrounded on three sides by a 185-acre cattle ranch. It is here we established HeavyHorse Hills and Karolina KoolBlu Koolies.

HeavyHorse Hills is a Custom Horse Drawn Carriage Service. We provide a romantic venue for Weddings, Anniversaries or any special event. We participate in community and neighborhood events for holidays such as Christmas, Halloween and Mother's Day. We have enjoyed the excitement of being a part of local Parades. We offer a number of custom service packages that tailor to our clients needs. We pay attention to the details and pride ourselves in our presentation and professionalism.For more information please view our website.

                                    HeavyHorse Hills                                                      

It was with pride and a bit of sadness that
Karolina KoolBlu Koolies
announced that our first litter of KCA Registered Australian Koolies puppies occurred on November 17, 2006. Pride, because of the beautiful puppies and sadness, because of the difficulties of the birth. The whelping was long, difficult and the litter was small. Because of the difficult birth and our love for our dogs we have not yet decided whether there will be any future breedings but we will continue to enjoy our dogs as they work stock and will be planning on importing again in the very near future. Another trip to Australia is being planned in the next year or so and the opportunity for another dog will be in the works as well.

The History of the joining of Karolina KoolBlu Jack and Tjukurpa Kool Jill.

Jill was chosen for her quality and strength of breeding from her strong Australian bloodlines. And Jack was the main reason that we wanted to breed at all. His incredible intelligence and desire to work is unmatched by any other dog we have encountered. We felt that the world would only be a better place with more dogs of his caliber.

With the decision made we began to contact other Koolie breeders in the United States to find a female that would compliment our Jack. We quickly learned that in 2003 there were not any registered breeders of Koolies in the United States. We began to investigate Koolie breeders outside the United States and as a result of that search were introduced to Kerrie and Ron Challenger of Victoria Australia at
Tjukurpa Kennels and the KCA (Koolie Club of Australia). Here we learned the history of the Koolies and the intense desire these dogs have to work. We chose a female that would enable us to transfer all of the qualities that were desirable of the breed. Intelligence, color, sociability,  desire and ability to work are all aspects of the Koolies bloodline that we wanted to strengthen and perpetuate.

We feel that we will be successful in maintaining the integrity of the breed while enhancing it through the blending of these two bloodlines.

What Is A Koolie?

About Koolies

Also known as
Australian Koolie, German Koolie or German Coolie.


It is common for dogs to have one or both eyes blue in color. This breed is noted for its usual merle coloring, red and black "blue" as well as tricolor. Some have white bibs, collars, and face markings.



The best trait of this breed is its personality. They are dedicated and very willing to please their owners. They are a dedicated worker that will keep going until they drop. In fact it is not uncommon for one to chase a hare using its great speed and agility until it drops of exhaustion. They work at herding anything that moves including sheep, cattle, goats, horses, and fowl. Koolies are known to back (jump on the back of) sheep as well as cattle.  They also do very well in obedience and agility trials since their will to please is endless. They are not generally dog aggressive and are good with other pets if raised with them from puppyhood, as they are a working breed and will work anything that moves. They are usually good with children, but are recommended for children over 6 years because they are said to be boisterous.


Height: 15-22 inches


Weight: 21-44 pounds


Health Problems:

There have been instances of blindness and deafness, which is usually associated with a lot of white on the head, over the eyes or ears, it's not extremely common and appears to be in lines. They can occasionally suffer joint problems due to their extreme athleticism. If they do a lot of jumping on and off of things or after Frisbees and balls they can damage cartilage and ligaments, particularly as they get older. These dogs are active and fun loving for many years.


Living Conditions:

This breed is not recommended for apartment life. They are moderately active indoors and will do best with at least a large yard.



This energetic working dog needs plenty of vigorous exercise to stay in shape, or better yet, some real work to do.


Life Expectancy:

About 12-14 years



The coat is easy to groom and needs little attention. Brush occasionally with a firm bristle brush and bathe only when necessary. This breed is an average shedder.



It is believed that the Koolie are similarly bred or behind the breeding of the Australian Shepard. Some people feel that they are behind the breeding from the Australian Cattle Dog and the Australian Kelpie. As of right now, there isn't a lot of concrete information about their history, but as more breeder's get together this will change. The name comes form the fact that they were good workers (koolies) for German settlers living in Australia, particularly the Southern portion of the continent of Australia. The Australian Koolie Club dropped the German part of the name and refers to the breed as the Koolie or Australian Koolie. A German dog breed book author who visited Australia has said that the Koolie is the most common of the native Australian herding breeds, out numbering even the Australian Cattle Dog and Kelpie.






KCA (Koolie Club of Australia)

In Australia, in order to participate in the Sporting Registry one must be a member of the state body as well as having their Koolie registered with the Koolie Club of Australia or have the dog registered with another working dog group that is accpeted by the sporting registers.

Sporting Registers that recognize the Australian Koolie in Australia:
     VCA (Victorian Canine Association Inc.  

     RNSWCC (Royal New South Wales Canine Council Ltd.)  

     ANKC (Australian National Kennel Council)   

     CCCQ (Canine Control Council of Queensland)

Herding Clubs / Associations that recognize the Australian Koolie in USA:

      AHBA (American Herding Breed Association) Accepted in April 2005
                                                                                                     with our Membership
      ASCA (Australian Sherpherd Club of America) Accepted in May 2005
                                                                                                      with our Membership

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